Friday, October 25, 2013

{31 Days To organize the "hidden" areas of your home} Day 25~ The Seasonal Decorations

Today I am going to talk about organizing your seasonal decorations. This may be a no-brainer to most people, but as I said in the introduction to this series, these organizing tips are for those out there that struggle with organizing. Once again, I am going to suggest purchasing plastic storage containers. They are easy to stack in your basement or garage. They keep things dry, which is important if your storage area may become exposed to the elements. I also like the fact that they protect anything fragile you may have. My dream would be to purchase orange containers for fall decorations, red or green for Christmas etc. but we now have way too many containers to replace them all so I just use a good old sharpie marker to label them. I do like to also label what is in the boxes, especially for Christmas decorations. Not only do I know what is in there when I decorate but it makes putting things away a breeze because anyone in the family can look at a tub and put the designated items inside. To read last years 31 days post on ornament storage click here.

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