Tuesday, October 8, 2013

{31 Days To organize the "hidden" areas of your home} Day 8~ Bathroom Supplies

 We don't have a large bathroom so I have to make every inch of space under this vanity count as far as what I store in here. I saw this idea on Pinterest and adapted it to my own vanity size. I measured the interior of the vanity for width and depth, taking into account where the drain pipe was. I purchased two small, plastic drawer units. (One is smaller than the other) In the small three drawer unit, I put all of my makeup and nail polish supplies. On top of that is the basket with my hair dryer and brushes. The other unit has only two drawers but one is deeper than the other. In the deep drawer all of our lotions, hair spray, etc. fit nicely and in the small top drawer I keep extra bars of soap etc. I like to keep a set of cleaning supplies in the bathroom as well. There is even enough room to store extra rolls of toilet paper on the top shelf of the two drawer unit. There is space behind the smaller unit so that is where I store liquid hand soap refill bottles and other misc. items. 
Next to the vanity, I have an old porcelain topped cabinet with a drawer that I keep towels and wash cloths in. I don't store our medicinal items in the bathroom- but that's another post later in the month. I think I found the units for around $10-$15 each. I decided that to purchase them was quicker than waiting for shelves to be built. I also think shelves can get messy quicker. I haven't had to straighten this area in almost a year. Money well spent!

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