Monday, October 14, 2013

{31 Days To organize the "hidden" areas of your home} Day 14~ Organizing Your Medicine Closet

Today I am going to give you an idea for organizing your medicine closet. I am not a big fan of typical medicine closets. For one thing, I don't care how neatly and uncluttered I try to keep it, everything usually winds up toppling out like dominoes. I also feel that it is too easily reached by young ones who shouldn't be reaching medicine cabinets. When my oldest was young I decided to get two small Rubber Maid containers and label one of them "Medicine" and the other one "First Aid". I suppose I could have combined them but it is much easier to just grab the bucket I need and not one large one that I have to sift through to find what I need. I also do not keep them in the bathroom but on the top shelf of my hall closet, making it out of reach to the little ones. 

You might be thinking "what does she do with her medicine closet"? I took the door off and hung my favorite antique mirror in its place.

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Joanne Mitchell said...

All of our medicines are in a basket on an adult eye-level shelf. I like it much better than a med cabinet.