Sunday, October 7, 2012

{31 Days to a Stress-Free Christmas} Day 7~Making Gifts? Schedule Time Now

Now that I have chosen what fabulous handmade gifts to make  I know myself....procrastinator #1. I have learned the hard way that... 

Making gifts + Procrastination = STRESS

You really want to avoid this at all costs...because it will wind up costing you not only the emotional frustration of rushing to get the gifts done but if you wait too long, you will wind up throwing in the towel and find yourself walking around Walmart, in tears, on Christmas Eve trying to purchase something to give to grandma tomorrow,(Ask me how I know) AND spending money you hadn't planned on spending. 

Again....First Things First

After I choose the projects I am going to work on, I make a list of all the supplies I need and plan a day to go purchase anything on the list I don't have. The sooner this can be done the better. After you have all of the supplies in the house pick the projects that are more complicated and will take the longest to make and start on them first. (Sounds like common sense but if you've never made things before it might not be so common) 

Then...."Make" a date

The next thing I do, is to pick a day/afternoon/evening each week to work on my projects. I go as far as writing it on my calendar so I don't plan anything else. Once I pick my time I look forward to it all week. It really can be a welcome time alone.(all busy moms know what I am talking about)

You will see, that with a little planning, you will soon have some really wonderful gifts made and can do a special Christmas activity with the family using the money you saved! 

To quote a famous Martha...... 
It's a good thing!

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Kristin said...

Maddie and I scheduled a little time this summer (July, I think) to work on a few Christmas gifts. It seemed a little odd to be stitching with red felt with the air conditioner on, but we had the time so we went with it!