Monday, October 22, 2012

{31 Days to a Stress-Free Christmas} Day 22~It's A Wrap

I usually enjoy wrapping all the gifts we give. I love picking out the paper and ribbons. I love seeing the pile of wrapped presents grow and finally be placed under the tree. I used to wrap everything in one afternoon. My daughter Britni and I put on a few Christmas movies and had what we called "the wrap-fest". Four years ago I injured myself and ever since the repetition of wrapping becomes painful. By setting up a wrapping station I can spread out the job over several days or weeks. 

In years past, I always seemed to procrastinate when it came to the "wrap-fest". We would somehow find ourselves wrapping everything two days before Christmas. It seemed like no sooner did we get the paper on then it was time to tear it off. One good thing that came as a result of the injury is that I now pick a date that I want all the wrapping to be done. Last year I had everything wrapped the week before Christmas. I loved looking at the packages under the tree for more than two days. It also created a bit of suspense for our 7 year old, who loved to sit on the floor and "organize" the presents each day. Most importantly, it became a daily reminder of how much God had blessed us that Christmas Season. 

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