Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Lessons from "Our" Pond

Just a short walk from our driveway is "our" pond. It's not really ours but I like to think of it that way. After living in city limits until 2006, I count it as a major blessing to be within walking distance of such beautiful natural surroundings. Almost every day we walk down to the pond to see what's going on and admire God's creation. We have watched geese raise their young, Mr. & Mrs. Mallard swim from one side to the other, turtles sunning themselves on fallen logs, and several kinds of fish being caught. There is a grey heron that lives on the banks of the pond and every once in a while we see a kingfisher perch on the dock. On a few different walks we were so excited to see a bald eagle fly over and one of those times Dan and Abi watched it dive into the pond to fish. We have watched water snakes sun themselves on the rocks and even saw a huge snapping turtle crossing the road one day. Lately I have been taking a few moments to pray and thank God for not only "our" pond but for the lessons He is teaching me.

 Today while I was standing there, it was a bit breezy and I noticed the gentle ripples across the surface of the water and how it was distorting the reflection of the trees along the banks. I thought back to a time when there was no breeze and the pond looked like a mirror reflecting the trees with perfection. The Lord's plan is for us to be a reflection of Him to the world. How often do I let the things of this world blow across that perfect reflection, distorting all that He is working in my life. I was reminded that I daily need His help to show the world who He really is, for there is no way that I can do that perfectly, without Him.  

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