Saturday, January 19, 2013

52 Weeks Book Challenge

This week I was a bit pressed for time so I chose something I knew I could read quickly. A friend of mine mentioned on her blog that she had read the book "Holes" over the summer and unexpectedly enjoyed it. So I decided to pick up a copy while I was at the library last week. Holes is a Newberry Award winner written by Louis Sachar. The main Character, Stanley Yelnats, is convicted of a crime that he says he didn't commit. He is found guilty and is sent to a boys detention center called Camp Green Lake. There is no green, no lake and no "camp" to be found only miles and miles of desert wasteland. Every day the boys are to dig a hole that is 5 ft. wide and 5 ft. deep. If they find anything interesting they are to report it to their camp counselors or to the "warden". The boys are told that the digging is building "character". Stanley believes they are really digging because the "warden" is really looking for something. You'll have to read it to find out what. I must agree that this book was really surprisingly good. It was very well written and had enough mystery and suspense to keep me turning the pages well into the night.  


Kristin said...

Yes! I was surprised how much I liked it. I had dismissed it for years as twaddle, but someone recommended it to me and it was really good. I couldn't put it down! The short chapters made it too easy to keep going.

Jodi-Marie said...

Dan & I are watching the movie tonight. It adds a bit of mild language but it is surprisingly following the story line of the book.

The Lovely One said...

I just added this to my kindle wish list!