Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Hard Things in Life

Sometimes God allows us to walk through hard places. This week was one of those for many people. People close to us, people far away we don't know, and even our family walked through hard things this week.  What can be learned while walking in the hard places? Lots if we let God speak. 

I've been thinking of the unimaginable suffering that the town of Newtown Connecticut faced this week. What a hard place to walk. The parents who lost their precious little ones will never be the same. When we are unjustly wronged our human hearts want an apology. There will be no apology for them. 

A family we hold as dear friends said goodbye to a loved one this week. Their comfort will come for they know where their loved one rests. And they hold the same promise. 

I think of my own hard place this week. Like the parents of Newtown I may never receive an apology but I know that I have to forgive. It's not easy but the healing is coming. God is good. I pray that the body of Christ in Newtown will reach out with the love of Jesus to these hurting people, probably many that do not know Him. 

God has a plan for each of our lives. Trusting Him with that plan is easy when things are going along a smooth road but it takes great faith to trust Him when the road gets rocky and the path ahead is uncertain. 

Speak Lord Jesus

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