Sunday, February 9, 2014

52 Week Book Challenge

Well I haven't posted about a book I have finished in a while because the book I was reading was 807 pages long so it took me few weeks to get through it. For this years challenge, one thing I wanted to do was to broaden the genres that I typically read.  So I turned to two friends who enjoy fantasy and gave them some basic perimeters of what I thought I could handle and they suggested the series A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin. Book 1 is called A Game of Thrones. To make a long story short, King Robert Baratheon has come north to his best friend, Lord Ned Stark's keep, Winterfell, to ask him to become the "Hand of the Kings Guard" because the previously "hand" has died. Lady Stark receives a note from her sister, who was married to Jon Arryn,
the previous hand, that she believes her husband was murdered. Ned agrees to take the position and while there decides to find if there is truth to Lady Arryn's claim of murder. There are many more characters, plots and plot twists to even go into detail in one post, without giving too much of the story line away. Martin has a very enjoyable writing style and the themes remind me very much of the medieval times. I would caution the reader that there are several intimately mature themed parts that are not recommend for younger readers.There is also the element of false gods, dragons, etc.  Surprisingly, I enjoyed this book and have started reading book 2.

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