Sunday, March 6, 2011

Five For Fun

This week was hard to pick a favorite book in our Five For Fun reads. The week started with The Great Doughnut Parade By Rebecca Bond. This clever books begins with "small Billy" walking through the town with a donut on a string tied to his belt. Where is he going and does he know he is being followed by a hen...then a cat....and farther down Main Street he is followed by a .....well you'll just have to read it to find out what comes next and where Billy is going..

Next was Mama's Perfect Present by Diane Goode. This story follows a two children who are searching all over Paris, led by their little Dachshund Zaza in hopes of finding the perfect present for their mother's birthday. They are warned not to let Zaza off here leash and are oblivious to all the havoc Zaza creates in each shop they visit. Will they ever find the perfect present for Mama?

Wednesday's book was Bring Me some Apples and I'll Make you a Pie- A Story About Edna Lewis by Robbin Gourley. This was an excellent book where we follow Edna Lewis and her family as they live through the seasons in the town of Freetown Virginia, a farming town of freed slaves established by her grandfather.Each season brings a new harvest of fresh food that is made into the most lovely treats to fill the larder. When Edna grew up she moved to New York City where she became a famous female chef at a time when female chefs were few and far between, let alone female African American Chefs. At the end of the story the book includes a biographical page on Edna Lewis along with a few of her recipes. We made her recipe for Apple Crisp and it was delicious.

Next was This Place In The Snow by Rebecca Bond. What wonderful things can you create in the snow after the plow comes through? Find out by reading how the entire town celebrated by working together to create a giant kingdom of their own.

Our week closed with the book You Are My Miracle by Maryann Cusimano Love. This is a heartwarming Christmas tale written in rhyme illustrating the bond between a parent and their child. Mama Bear starts by saying to her little one "I am your Parent, you are my child, I am your quiet place, you are my wild." Each page continues with the example of how our children complete us as parents and how they need our strong security. By the end I was in tears cuddling my little "Miracle".

We really did enjoy all of the books this week but the one Abi asked to read over and over was.............
You are My Miracle. I have to agree with her this one was really something special- but I warn you moms- get out your tissues!

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Cheryl said...

Oh, we love Mama's Perfect Present ...but now you've piqued my interest in You Are My Miracle . Guess I'll need to get out my tissues and my library card! Thank you for sharing your finds!