Sunday, January 23, 2011

52 Weeks Book Challenge

This week I read the book "All She Ever Wanted" by Lynn Austin. This work of Christian fiction spans four generations of women: Fiona, Eleanor, Kathleen, and Joelle. Kathleen is a successful Christian business women, living in an upper class neighborhood with the life she dreamed of all her life, or so she thought. She and her husband have one daughter, Joelle. She receives a call one afternoon that the police have her daughter in custody for shoplifting. Needless to say this strains the mother-daughter relationship even more than it already was. Upon arriving home, Kathleen opens a letter from her sister, whom she has not seen since she left home at the age of 19, for a better life. It is an invitation to a party for their father. She throws the invitation in the trash which is found by Joelle later in the day. During a confrontation, Joelle asks why she has never been told about her mother's family. One thing leads to another and Kathleen is forced to face her past to heal her future. This is an excellent book- read it with a box of tissues!

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