Sunday, April 18, 2010

Homeschool Convention

This weekend we went to the MACHE(Maryland Association of Christian Home Educators) Convention in Frederick Maryland. It was our first time attending this convention and we had a great time. We made our last homeschool purchase for Britni :( who will be graduating in June and lots of purchases for Abigail :) who is starting her education journey. There were no speakers there like the conference we have gone to in Pennsylvania but all of the vendors we buy from were there. We took our wire shopping cart to carry all of our purchases.(something that I learned about years ago- it is taller than a wagon and so much easier to pull or push along.) Britni also came up with a great idea I thought I would pass on. One of the most frustrating things I face is keeping all of the purchases organized in the car for the trip home. The bags usually just slide all over the place and things, like paper supplies, have gotten a bit roughed up. Well my brilliant graduating daughter suggested we bring some plastic laundry baskets to put the bags in. It worked great. We had a full truck bed to put the baskets in but if you don't have that much room you could use something like plastic crates or small Rubbermaid tubs. The baskets also made the job of carrying all the stuff into the house easier and it was able to stay contained until I had time to put it all away. Anyone else have good convention tips to share?

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