Monday, January 5, 2009

Off to a good start

Well, we started later than planned but amazingly got every thing finished. The most impressing thing was that we all remembered the poems we had been working on but haven't looked at in six weeks. One nice surprise adventure I have planned to introduce the girls to later in the week is something called "letterboxing". I recently found out about this fun, free, pastime on a friends blog. It involves solving clues that lead to a location where the "letterbox" is hidden. You can go to to find out more. So now it is your turn.... share with us how your first day back after Christmas break went.


Cheryl said...

As at your house, our first day back to regular studies got off to a later-than-planned start. But what fun we've had this week--getting reaquainted with books we had abandoned during the holiday break (The Black Arrow, The Burgess Bird Book for Children, All-of-a-Kind Family), and making new "friends" (Paddle-to-the-Sea, A Weekend With Leonardo Da Vinci, Edward MacDowell and His Little Cabin in the Pines). What's not to love?!!!

Kristin said...

We take off for the month of January to spend time with Brian while he is off. Thankfully, we were not committed to starting back to school since we welcomed our Monday with no electricity (for 36 hours) and a sick little girl! We haven't slacked off in our reading time, though. There is a whole stack waiting to be read during our quiet (maybe) winter days.