Sunday, January 22, 2017

En Provence Mystery Quilt 2017

En Provence Mystery Quilt 2017

In a recent blog post I shared that I was going to be completing the Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt that started on black Friday 2016. When I started I thought I might be over my head because I have never made a quilt this large or with this much piecing. I learned so much making this quilt. It has several mistakes but overall I am pleased with how it turned out. It was supposed to be a "scrappy" quilt, and for the most part I tried to keep to those rules. (I also have never made a scrappy quilt- I have never been able to overcome my OCDishness) I will be making more scrappy quilts in the future. This week I will be piecing the backing. I found a beautiful fabric that is a black background with sprigs of lavender all over. I found it at a local quilt shop but they only had 4 yards (which I bought) but it is not big enough to cover so I will be cutting it into large blocks and piecing it with a solid dark purple and a solid lavender. Then it will be making a trip to the long arm quilter. This quilt is much too large for me to quilt on my machine. So drum roll please...................

I cannot wait to put this on my bed. 


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WiltedQuilter said...

Gorgeous! Mine will also have a lot of black on neutral scraps, so I am very happy to see what it might look like when I finish.