Wednesday, March 6, 2013

52 Weeks Book Challenge

Well, I have been so caught up in reading this series that I haven't taken time to write my reviews! A few weeks ago I started reading the Newpointe 911 series by Terri Blackstock. I posted a review of book 1, Private Justice, here.  and book 2, Shadow of Doubt, here (To make things easier I am going to write a review of books 3 & 4 in one post.)

Word of Honor
This book opens with a bang, literally. Someone has blown up the Newpointe Post office. This book has a bit of a different writing style in that the reader knows who committed the crime from the beginning but the people of the town do not. All of the favorite characters from the previous books work together to find this madman before time runs out. 

                                             Trial by Fire
Book four opens up with a fire at the towns church. As Pastor/Firefighter Nick Foster is battling the flames in his church's sanctuary, he comes across a body and is injured dragging it out. Many questions rise as the fire is investigated. Was this and accident or a crime? Why would God let this happen? Will it make the town stronger in the end? I could not put this one down for very long before I found myself picking it back up to read more. 

Now on to book 5!

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