Sunday, October 10, 2010

52 Week Book Challenge

I am dreadfully behind in this challenge with this being my 24th book but I have read more this year than last so I guess that can be counted as a success. This week's read was another by Anne Perry "A Dangerous Mourning". This is the second in the detective Monk series. Mr. Monk is called to the house of Sir Basil Moidore where it is discovered his daughter has been murdered. The family assumes it was an intruder because at first examination of the room the window was ajar and some jewelry was missing, however this does not fool Mr. Monk who concludes that the murder was an inside job. This leaves everyone on edge wondering which servant could have acted in such a horrible manner...or was it a family member? The suspense continues to the last pages where the reader wonders what the crime actually was. Like the other Perry books the character development is slow and deliberate adding to suspense.

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